Parenting Adolescents and Artists

Children have not been given to parents as a present, but as a trust for which, if lost through their negligence, they must render an account to God. ~ St. Alphonsus Ligouri


Raising teens is an art, not a science.  It takes finesse, subtleties, and nuances to get it right. Children are pushing back and trying to become independent adults while they are still not yet ready for the responsibilities of adulthood.  How do you slowly give them more freedom while making sure you don’t give them TOO much?  In this episode, we interview Bill and Tanis Merimee, parents of 9 children and founders of the ministry Marriages of Grace.  Bill and Tanis have a unique perspective also because they are both musicians and have children who are particularly artistic.  Teens who are artistic have special challenges and needs because they have a great gift to give the world – their art!  How can parents nurture this artistic temperament while avoiding the pitfalls that can come with the godless culture that is growing in the art world.  Listen in and join the conversation!

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