Getting on the Same Page

“Its better to be wrong together than right alone” – Mike and Alicia

There are many things that spouses need to navigate in life – finances, educational choices, work issues, in-laws – and for all of these issues there is an “X factor” that makes all the difference – UNITY.  Without unity, even the most perfect of scenarios will not bring peace, but with unity there is nothing that life throws at a couple that they will not be able to handle.  The question is, how do you forge that unity with each other when you have two different visions of what your family should look like?  In this episode, we tackle this difficult question by encouraging couples to “push up”; to look at your life from the 50,000 foot level.  Instead of starting with the details, start with the big picture.  Those are the conversations that are most helpful.  Listen in as we give couples some concrete questions to discuss with each other to build that unity that is absolutely essential to a flourishing marriage and family life.

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