Dealing with Failure

All parents will fail.  How do we know this?  Because we are all imperfect!  Many parents feel like failures when grieving over their children’s poor decisions or loss of faith. Or they look at themselves in the mirror and don’t like who they have become. How we define failure and how we deal with it will either paralyze us or call us on to greater holiness and virtue.  Recognizing how we have failed our children, and even how our own parents have failed us, is how we learn and grow.  In this podcast we define the difference between shame and guilt (one is good and the other bad!), the importance of recognizing what we can control and what we cannot, and the centrality of forgiveness in our relationships with our children, no matter what their age.  In addition to some hard truths, this podcast gives hope to every parent who wants to improve themselves through extreme ownership and humility.